Caylee Anthony Could Climb Into Pool Herself, Mother of Casey Anthony Claims

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A day after Cindy Anthony stunned the courtroom by claiming she was the one who performed several incriminating searches on the family computer, she was back testifying on behalf of her daughter, Casey Anthony.

Today's revelation was nearly as shocking. Cindy testified that Caylee Anthony, who was found dead in 2008, could have accessed the family swimming pool herself - supporting a key Casey Anthony defense claim.

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Cindy told jurors that she returned home from work on June 16, 2008, to find the pool ladder had been left standing against the pool, ready for use.

"I thought it was strange," she said. "I told my co-workers about it."

Defense attorney Jose Baez showed Cindy several pictures of 2-year-old Caylee and the Anthonys' above-ground pool. One of the pictures showed Caylee climbing the three-rung ladder into the pool with the help of Cindy.

The pictures caused Cindy Anthony to cry, while Casey Anthony also wiped her eyes with a tissue as her mother told the court the following:

"She could climb into the pool by herself," Anthony testified, explaining that they swam together every day. "She was anxious to get in."

"We took extra precaution every day to keep the ladder off the pool," Cindy added. "We taught Caylee she had to be with us to swim."

The defense then showed a picture of Caylee opening the sliding glass door that led to the pool, asking "Could Caylee open the door?"

"Yes, she could do it herself," Anthony answered.

The defense says the case against Casey Anthony, who prosecutors say murdered Caylee and dumped her body in the woods, is thin.

Her attorney has posited that Caylee drowned on her own, and that Casey only lied about it due to severe psychological duress.

Casey Anthony could get the death penalty if convicted.


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