Jesse James: Done Worrying About Sandra, Ready to Start Looking After Jesse

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Jesse James is done worrying about Sandra Bullock.

It's nothing personal, he says, just essential that he move on. "I can't worry about her anymore," the Monster Garage star told Good Morning America.

Jesse and Kat

"I think I've spent a good chunk of the last 5-6 years worrying only about her, and what she thinks, and what I should do ... controlling all my movements and everything else. I think it's time to worry about Jesse, and making sure Jesse's happy."

Umm, wasn't that what he did with Michelle McGee?

Jesse James attempts to appear sympathetic.

On the show to promote his new book, American Outlaw, James said that since he betrayed Sandra Bullock, he's never laid eyes on Louis, the boy they adopted.

Bullock's only seen his daughter Sunny a handful of times, he adds, and notes that despite relocating to Austin, they've had "no contact for several months."

James, who announced his engagement to Kat Von D earlier this year, said that yes, he will be faithful to his soon-to-be bride, who will be his fourth wife.

He also says he's become a stronger man with thicker skin.

"I didn't hide from any of it," he said of last spring's sordid sex scandal. "I took it all on the chin, and guess what? I'm still standing."