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In January, Newsweek ranked Grand Rapids, Michigan at number-10 on its list of “dying” American cities.

Did the city respond by crying over the snub? Pointing out the irony of a publication with a massive loss in readership over the last year posting any death watch that did not include itself on the list?

No. Instead, local citizens and celebrities gathered this week to set a world record for lip dubbing, as hundreds took to the streets and showed off the pride in their community via an impressively-executed rendition of Don McClean’s “American Pie.”

Incredibly, this was all shot in one take…

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As the video has gone viral, Newsweek has actually responded to the motivation behind it and released a statement that reads:

First off, we LOVE your YouTube LipDub. We’re big fans, and are inspired by your love of the city you call home.

But so you know what was up with the list you’re responding to, we want you to know it was done by a website called–not by Newsweek (it was unfortunately picked up on the Newsweek web site as part of a content sharing deal)–and it uses a methodology that our current editorial team doesn’t endorse and wouldn’t have employed. It certainly doesn’t reflect our view of Grand Rapids.

GR, 1. Newsweek, 0! Go celebrate tonight with a drink at the Amway, residents.