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It was a foregone conclusion that Dr. Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial would be a circus, but never did we expect it to involve actual animals.

An attorney for the doctor, accused of the accidental death of Michael Jackson, has requested to have a veterinarian as an expert witness. Why, you ask?

The vet would be asked to give a pig Propofol, in hopes of proving that the powerful anesthetic drug that felled MJ can be ingested, not just injected.

Best Dancer Ever?
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

As part of its throw-everything-against-the-wall defense, Murray’s team will argue that Jackson could have OD’d on Propofol by slipping it into his juice box.

Seriously. He’s gonna argue that Michael Jackson chugged Propofol.

The defense also wants access to rehearsal footage from before the 2009 This Is It tour, as they hope to show MJ was a lost cause at the time of his death.

Of course, none of this contradicts the belief of the D.A. that Murray’s guilty simply for leaving Propofol around the house, or treating Michael with it at all.

There are myriad questions about MJ’s care that won’t be explained away by some swine. It’ll take more than stunts to bring home the legal bacon. Sorry.