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Well? Who among American Idol‘s final five is no longer with us?

Did the singer a lot of us expected to get the axe actually get it? Or did the voters make fools of us once again and send Jacob Lusk to the final four?

As we saw it, Jacob would end up in the bottom two. With whom, we had no idea, but if he got out of this jam, we would’ve been quite surprised.

So did he?

He did end up in the bottom two, alongside Lauren Alaina. Follow the jump to see which of those two singers left American Idol this evening

Jacob Lusk was voted off, earning the fewest of 60 million votes cast.

He struggled through renditions of “No Air” and “Love Hurts” Wednesday, and people knew it. “I think his nerves are getting the best of him,” Jimmy Iovine said.

“When you lose confidence, everyone knows it.” So it goes. Last week could’ve been it for him too, but he made it to the top five. Pretty strong for the ex-concierge.

Congratulations on a great run, Jacob. Now, on to the top four …

What do you think? Did America get it right voting off Lusk?