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Prince William and Kate Middleton are ready to do this thing.

With just one week to go until next Friday’s royal wedding, the chaos is off the hook, but the couple remains clear-eyed and focused on what really counts.

So says Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams, who will conduct the marriage ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey.

Kate, Will, Elizabeth

“I’ve been very struck by the way in which William and Catherine have approached this great event,” the archbishop said, praising the royal couple.

“They’ve thought through what they want for each other. They’ve had a very simple, very direct picture of what really matters about this event.”

William and Kate realize that their vows carry unusual weight. They’re making a sacred promise to each other, and a royal pledge to the public.

Even that doesn’t intimidate them, says Dr. Williams.

“I think that they have a clear sense of what they believe they’re responsible to,” says the archbishop. “They’re responsible to the whole society.”

“They’re responsible to God for their relationship. I think it’s impressive that they’ve had that simplicity about it, they’ve known what matters, what’s at the heart of all this, because I think they are deeply unpretentious people.”

The archbishop calls on everyone watching the Royal Wedding to truly engage with the event as these two 29-year-olds enter holy matrimony.

“William and Catherine are making this commitment very much in the public eye, and they’re both sensible, realistic young people,” he says.

“They know what the cost might be, and because of that, they will need the support, solidarity and prayers of all those who are watching.”

“We have to be witnesses in an active sense: the kind of witnesses who really support what’s going on. To be a witness is more than to be a spectator, and I hope that’ll be part of people’s experience at the time of the wedding.”

In short: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. We’re here for you William and Kate, and wish you nothing but the best in one week’s time.