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Despite reportedly being axed from the film, Lindsay Lohan will be part of Gotti: Three Generations after all. She hustled and landed another role in the movie!

Lindsay is no longer going to play Victoria Gotti, but instead will take the role of John Gotti Jr.’s daughter-in-law Kim, according to executive producer Mark Fiore.

That role was once considered for Kim Kardashian.

Lindsay and Bader Image

The turn of events comes hours after Fiore pulled the plug on Lindsay over a feud with her management, but Lohan really  wanted to be part of the project.

As such, she personally patched things up with producers when she heard her peeps were being difficult. Showing actual work ethic – who would’ve guessed?

Lindsay also agreed to act in a second upcoming Fiore film called Mob Street. Well, at least until she gets fired from both films like next week.

Or sooner, if the producers see THIS report:


Okay, we know this is an old pic (vintage Lindsay Lohan drunk gallery shot) and that pretty much nothing Star says is true. But in this case, it’s not a stretch.

Just saying.

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