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Justin Bieber’s mom got quite the a birthday surprise this weekend.

While on tour in Madrid, Spain, the teen pop star brought his stunned mom on stage where he had a cake waiting. “Mom, where are you?” he asked fans.

A genuinely shocked Pattie Mallette Bieber stumbled on stage in front of thousands of screaming ‘tweens, mouthing to her son, “Oh my god! Thank you!”

“This is for you, and I need everyone to sing happy birthday,” Justin Bieber said, as the audience sang in unison. Then things almost went very wrong …

Justin Bieber Surprises Mom

As Pattie blew out the candles, unbeknownst to her, a bit of her hair quickly caught on fire. Luckily, J came to her aid. He is perfect, after all. Immaculate.