Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly: Engaged!

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Big Brother 12 stars Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly were a formidable tandem in the house last summer. Now they've just formed an alliance ... for life!

Despite an embarrassing incident in which he sent pics of his junk to some random girl online late last year, Brendon popped the question on V-day.

Rachel, who caught him in the act, said yes. All is forgiven!

Brendon and Rachel aren't just back on. They're on for good!

The PDA-prone couple plans to tie the knot in September. No word if The Brigade - Matt, Lane, Hayden or Enzo - will be in the bridal party.

You can expect an outpouring of emotion in any case.

After all, this is a guy whose public apology to the woman he loves (see below, after the whole cyber cheating fiasco) probably ranks among the more nauseatingly hilarious moments in the history of human civilization.

Imagine how choked up he'll be during their first dance ...

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