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Gia Allemand and Vienna Girardi both vied for Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor, but it’s another gentleman from the franchise who has them both in a Twitter tizzy.

Wes Hayden, Jake’s competition for Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette, and who later wooed Gia on Bachelor Pad, was rumored to be dating Vienna last week.

While Hayden denied the rumor, it didn’t sit well with Gia.

Sierra J.

Gia (left) finished third on the season won by Vienna Girardi.

“I guess I can hope to be The Bachelorette now that Wes is dating Vienna!” Gia Tweeted Tuesday, half-seriously lobbying for the lead role this summer.

“It’s sad that people make up lies (Gia) that I’m dating someone to get sympathy and attempt to become The Bachelorette,” Vienna Girardi replied.

Gia’s reply: “[You are] a bad friend [and] everyone saw you guys at the reunion and in Texas. And [you] approached me. Hope they got it on camera.”

“The world already knows [your] true colors.”

To which Vienna hilariously replied: “I hope they got the entire conversation on video especially the part about you sleeping with Mario Lopez. Have a nice day!”

Well… there you have it.

Vienna, who was engaged to Jake for about 12 minutes, may or may not be dating Wes, who broke up with Gia, who may or may not have boned Mario Lopez.

No clue why ABC would choose either of these nut jobs when they can have Chantal O’Brien or Emily Maynard, but there’s always Bachelor Pad 2