Octomom on Fetish Footage: Just a Spoof!

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We've already been scarred for life, but Nadya Suleman says her disturbingly hilarious fetish video was just a spoof of her adult film suitors. Mmmmkay.

The Octomom fetish video even weirded her out, she claims.

Nadya tells TMZ she was "grossed out" when she first saw the footage ... and insists, dubiously, that the thing was meant as a "spoof" of Vivid & Co. Sure ...

Octomom dropped another sexual bombshell yesterday too - despite all the activity in that vagina, she hasn't slept with a man in more than a decade.

Who has 14 kids and no sex over an 11-year span?

Then again, who rejects a porn company's generous offers of financial aid, then whips a grown-ass man dressed as a baby in a fetish video for kicks?

Long story short, there's only one Nadya Suleman, for better or worse.


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