Might Justin Bieber Go Insane?

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Debbie Gibson knows a thing or two dozen about success as a teenager.

At the age of 17, she became the youngest singer to write, produce and release a number-one hit on the Billboard 100. So at least this 40-year old is speaking from experience when she says of Justin Bieber's fame:

"It's too much too soon. People have to remember, even though a kid can be wise beyond their years professionally and can handle showbiz, emotionally you're not developed."

Justin Bieber is mature for his age. The kid has a mustache!

Gibson only has Bieber's best interest in mind, fearing the cute idol will "lose his sanity" at this rate, although Justin says he's already there.

"If I could get all these kids in a room, I'd tell them you're not superhuman," Gibson told E! News. "If you need to take a week off, take a week off. Everybody makes you think the world will end and it won't. If you say no, you save your sanity later."

Bieber, of course, has no plans to slow down. His 3D biopic hits theaters in February. So far, this 16-year appears to have his head on straight, although the same thing can't always be said of his fans.

Case in point.


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