Dancing With the Stars Really Wants Lindsay Lohan!

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We're reported the rumor already, but it looks like Lindsay Lohan is really in talks to be a contestant on the hit show Dancing With the Stars.

After what seemed like endless legal problems that landed her in jail and rehab, the ABC hit wants to give LiLo a chance to rehab her image.

“Lindsay has been talking with the DWTS people,” a source close to her said. “She is definitely interested and considering being on the show.”

Beautiful Redhead

We may see Lindsay Lohan bust a move!

While the troubled star remains in rehab at the Betty Ford Center, she has the full support of her treatment team behind her for this gig.

"Lindsay's treatment team actually thinks that Dancing With the Stars would be a perfect transition back to work for her," says the insider.

"She would have a set schedule, she would be occupied and would be very productive. Lindsay wanted their approval before proceeding."

She got it, too - it's a far cry from Lindsay Lohan nude in Inferno - and it could be a good fit. DWTS producers have wanted her for a while.

"Dancing with the Stars producers have had Lindsay on their wish list of cast mates for a very long time,” a source tells Radar Online.

Not only would she generate a lot of buzz (a la Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin), Lindsay would actually be a tough contender as well!

Says a source close to the negotiations: “She would be great on the show; she could maybe even win because she is a great dancer!”

Our two editors debated whether she should do DWTS recently.

This celebrity gossip expert said yes, it would be the perfect route back. His counterpart said no, she needs more time to recuperate.

What do you think? Should she go Dancing with the Stars?

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