Sophia Egeler: Tony Parker Sexted Me Too!

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Tony Parker's sexting ways may not have ended with Erin Barry.

Sophia Egeler, a 19-year-old (!) British model, says the NBA star, now in the midst of an ugly divorce from Eva Longoria, sent her racy texts as well.

The Sun (UK) was the first to report on Egeler, who says Tony Parker was textin' dirrrrty with her and even sent a half-naked pic of himself. Classy.

Gone are these blissful days, replaced by sordid sexting scandals.

The model reveals that the San Antonio Spurs guard pursued her with sultry messages after meeting at an Ultimate Fighting show at the O2 Arena in London.

"From the minute he met me he was trying it on. I had no idea he was Eva Longoria's husband," Sophia Egeler said. "He would not take no for an answer."

She later said that she was finally persuaded to go to London nightspot Whisky Mist with a sports agent they both knew, and they partied in the VIP lounge.

"I decided at 1 a.m. I wanted to leave but Parker followed me into the street. He begged me to come back to a house he claimed was his. I said no."

Although Tony received no from Sophia that night, the next day, Tony began sending the steamy text messages after getting her number from a pal.

It got worse when he sent Sophia his half-naked photo, asking "You want a sexier one still?" Tony also offered to rendezvous with her several times.

Days later, Tony reportedly sent Sophia a message, informing her that he was in town. "I was out with friends so didn't get his messages," she said.

Sophia claimed the flirting stopped when the news of Parker's sexting affair with Erin Barry, his teammate's wife, and split from Eva made the news.

"When I heard I couldn't believe it. How stupid is he?" Sophia mused.

A fair question we've wondered a few times ourselves recently.

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