Mel Gibson Wants Sole Custody of Daughter

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After watching Oksana Grigorieva on Larry King last night, Mel Gibson didn't issue any sort of rebuttal. Rather, he sought sole custody of their daughter, Lucia.

The actor's lawyers will appear in court to ask the judge in his custody war to award him sole custody of baby Lucia in response to Oksana's sitdown on CNN.

The OG Baby Mama

Team Mel alleges that Oksana's false and derogatory statements to the media show she is not acting in the best interests of Lucia and should cost her custody.

MEL VS. OKSANA: With new barbs traded every day, this is one of the ugliest custody feuds we've ever seen, and the scary thing is that it's only beginning.

In addition to attempting to take custody from Oksana Grigorieva, Mel's lawyers will ask Judge Scott Gordon to award her visitation, but only with a monitor. 

Moreover, they will seek to deny Oksana any overnight visits with the baby, the same thing she's requested to strip Mel of several times (to no avail so far).

This isn't some reactionary shot in the dark. Gordon has warned Oksana she could lose custody if she talked to the media. We'll see if he backs that up ...

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