Fake Nanny: Angelina Jolie Lets Maddox Swear, Drive Cars, Drink Wine

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Angelina Jolie may want to rethink her hiring policies.

If we had a nickel for every WORLD EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW obtained by In Touch and its ilk featuring one of her ex-employees ... we'd have like 75 cents.

Still, that's like 15 times, which is probably not even that big an exaggeration at this point. How many times have you seen almost this exact tabloid cover:


According to Ange's latest made-up nanny, she sucks as a mom!

If nothing else, they came up with funny lies this time at least. Notably that Angelina lets son Maddox drive the car and drink wine. Hopefully not at the same time.

Not quite as creative as Brad nailing a Jen look-alike, but not shabby, In Touch. We know you can build on this and do better. Show us what you've got next week.

Maybe Shiloh can disown Angelina? Or the twins can accuse her of abuse? We do not put it past them. These stories make Amber Portwood look downright sane.


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