Tiger Woods Needs Some Oxygen

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By now, you probably know a bit about Tiger Woods' home.

It's on a private street, tire tracks across the lawn, it's got a busted fire hydrant nearby, and may have some nice dings in the decor from 9-iron-wielding wives.

Standard stuff. But Woods' plans for his 12-acre property nearby in Jupiter Island include some surprising details - such as a room devoted to oxygen therapy.

Through his attorney, Woods filed paperwork to begin work on a practice golf course, a series of pools and the oxygen room for his 9,000-square-foot home.

Such rooms typically feature a hyperbaric chamber, which delivers pure oxygen to the body and helps athletes heal injuries and ward off arthritis, fatigue, etc.

Tiger is currently battling a bulging disk in his neck/back.

GETTING SOME AIR: Tiger Woods could really use some.

Tiger Woods has said he has received oxygen treatment in a hyperbaric chamber, which may take a year to complete along with his own practice golf course.

Supposedly, Michael Jackson slept in one in hopes of looking younger, although all the plastic surgeries and chemical addictions might have run counter to it.

The report added that the paperwork offers no indication of who will live at the house, as Tiger sorts out his private life and his divorce from Elin Woods looms.

No divorce papers have been filed, but the drama is already in full swing, with swirling rumors that Elin wants $750 million and no confidentiality agreement.


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