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This season on The Hills, Spencer Pratt has gone completely off the deep end, declaring that he doesn’t allow wife Heidi Montag to watch TV or go online.

Still, Heidi’s dad, Bill Montag, isn’t too worried. Why? “Heidi is such a strong-willed individual that I don’t think that Spencer is going to manipulate her.”

Clearly Bill doesn’t watch The Hills, despite once being on it.

“Also I think she knows, and so does Spencer: if I thought my daughter was in any harm’s way with Spencer, I would be there,” adds her cowboy dad.

Still, Bill is concerned about Heidi, who ceased communication with her father in March and changed her phone “so I can’t even reach her,” he says.

Spencer Pratt and Bill Montag on The Hills.

“I think they’ll realize there are people that love them and care for them and friends and family,” he says. “I pray for them to find peace and happiness. They’re not going to find it in crystals and light and all this stuff I’ve read about.”

LOL. Good to see he’s keeping up on celebrity gossip.

The Colorado rancher – who divorced Heidi’s mom, Darlene Egelhoff, when Heidi was 3, has mixed feelings about his daughter’s plastic surgery binge.

“I’ve always thought that Heidi always looked like me, and [her sister Holly Montag] looks like her mom,” Bill jokes. “I remember Heidi saying in a magazine once that she didn’t want my nose, so I gave her grief about that!”

Montag feels like he “let her down” because he wasn’t aware she was unhappy enough to change her appearance, but he still supports her decision.

“We don’t always approve of everything our children do, but we support them and we’re there for them … She doesn’t need a lecture about the whole thing. The only thing I can say is we’re there and we’re her family. She and I were very close.”