Lost Season Premiere: Questions & Answers

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Has your head stopped spinning yet?

The day after Lost premiered its sixth and final season, we have one major answer and a slew of questions.

Because some fans still may not have seen the episode, we'll recommend this detailed review of "LA X" and immediately continue this post on another page, lest we invite perpetual rage from readers for spoiling events and developments from the two-hour installment.

Come join us for what will become a weekly discussion of the most pressing Lost issues. You aren't the only one muttering WTF this morning...

One significant question was answered on the episode:

The Man in Black/Fake Locke is the monster. This had been speculated since the fifth season finale, and it helps to explain a number of past incidents. Fake Locke has been masquerading as dead figures on the island whenever it suited his agenda. For example: as Christian Shephard to Jack; as Alex to Ben.

Is it too early to hand Terry O'Quinn the Emmy for this dark turn? The scene where he told Ben he wanted to go home (wherever that may be), while alternating between bright sunlight and dark shadows, was both brilliant and creepy.

As for the questions raised during the premiere, the following stand out:

  • Are the flash-parallels (for lack of a better term) an alternate reality? A rebooted timeline? Will the 2004 storyline eventually converge with 2007 events on the island? We're clearly not supposed to have these answers yet, but at least it was fun to see Boone, Charlie and even Frogurt again.
  • Has Sayid actually been resurrected? Might this be Jacob possessing the dead character's body, as a means for fighting his old nemesis?
  • Richard was a slave, likely on the Black Rock. That still doesn't explain why he doesn't age and how he knew The Man in Black.
  • Where is The Man in Black's home? Our best guess: The Temple.
  • What the heck is the deal with Jacob's lists?

We could go on and on. But we'll turn it over to our readers now. What stood out the most for you from the episode?

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