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For months, it was the question on everyone’s mind: Is Kristen Stewart dating Michael Angarano or Robert Pattinson?

That answer appears to be clear, as reports of a Robsten romance are rampant at this point.

Fortunately, Angarano appears to have finally moved on from the Twilight Saga actress. Sources now link Michael to former Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat.

Witnesses have told Life & Style that the pair cozied up to each other at a club in Los Angeles this weekend.

“At first Michael and Alia just sat next to each other and didn’t seem terribly intimate,” the insider said. “But as time went on Michael was leaning in to her and always made sure that he was touching her or brushing her arm.”

Michael and Kristen dated for almost four years, but their relationship sourced as Stewart started to film Twilight and fell victim to Pattinson’s sheer dreaminess.

Shawkat, meanwhile, actually has a role in Stewart’s upcoming film The Runaways. She reportedly “sat closer to Michael, and they were more intimate and physical” as the aforementioned night went on, an onlooker said. In heart-racing conclusion:

“He was touching her a lot.”