THG Presents: The Top Celebrity Scandals of the Decade

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One of the most famous singers of all-time passed away.

One of the most successful actors in history referred to a police officer as "sugar tits" and hated on Jewish people.

A multi-platinum recording artist allegedly urinated on a minor during sex.

Indeed, the years 2000-2009 were filled with celebrities behaving badly and/or dying. Which scandals top our list of the decade's most memorable? We count them down below...

In February 2002, a grainy sex tape purported to show R. Kelly performing sex acts with an underage female companion, lowlighted by the male star urinating on his partner. The 35-year-old singer denied his involvement, but Chicago prosecutors indicted him on 21 counts of child pornography.

The case didn't go to trial until May 2008, followed by the singer's acquittal after three weeks of testimony. In the years since the video surfaced, all five of R. Kelly's albums have gone platinum.

After almost five years of marriage, Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in early 2005. Tabloids ran amok with stories that the latter's affair with Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie was to blame. These days, Pitt and Jolie are a (doomed?) couple, while Aniston is the go-to source for quotes about single life.

Incredibly, magazines still profit from this love triangle and perpetuate the myth that there are still feelings between Aniston and Pitt (see below).

Yes, They'll Reunite!

Mel Gibson's life changed forever on July 28, 2006. He was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and actually uttered the words: ''F---ing Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.'' He also allegedly referred to a female cop as ''sugar tits."

Sort of funny? We guess. Astonishing and disturbing? For sure. The actor/director eventually pleaded no contest to the DUI and apologized for his ''despicable'' behavior.

Mel Gibson mug shot

Britney Spears hadn't exactly been stable in the days leading up to February 16, 2007. She flashed her vagina to photographers and often rambled incoherently. On that date, though, it became clear Brit needed serious help.

She headed to a a hair salon and asked the owner to shave her head. It took almost a year - and a well-publicized incident between Spears, an umbrella, and a paparazzi member - for Britney to get hospitalized for mental issues. She appears to be doing better now.

The popular couple didn't show up for a dress rehearsal for the Grammy Awards on February 8, 2009. But they had a very good reason: due to a physical altercation between the pair, Brown was charged with assault and making criminal threats. Four months later, he pleaded guilty to felony assault. 

In a slew of interviews this November, Rihanna revealed disturbing details about the attack. She told Diane Sawyer: ''I was battered, I was bleeding, I was swollen in my face." Brown has gone on to sort of apologize, but also to rail against stores that won't carry his CD. The guy sucks.

The latest scandal and, in some ways, the most shocking. No laws were broken and no one was peed on (that we know of), but Tiger Woods went from being the most famous, respected, professional athlete on the planet to a late-night punchline in less than a week.

He didn't just have an affair; he had an affair with an endless line of bar hoppers, reality TV stars and Las Vegas waitresses, many of whom he kept in regular contact with for reasons that defy comprehension. Beloved for his focus and determination on the golf course, Woods still possesses those qualities, only they're apparently focused on slinging poon instead of sinking putts.

No explanation necessary. RIP, Michael.

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