THG on TV: Thursday Night's Best & Worst

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Q: What gets more of a work out than Kellan Lutz's abs?
A: Our DVR on Thursday nights!

Every network brings its A-game to the small screen on Thursdays, which might explain why there are more typos on THG than usual today. Our fingers are tired from so much remote control work!

Therefore, we've left the recapping and reviewing of various shows and episodes to our friends at TV Fanatic. Below, we've linked to their summaries of The Vampire Diaries, The Office and more. Enjoy...

  • Damon revealed his master plan, and then got his heart broken, on an incredible installment of The Vampire Diaries.
  • Storylines continued to drag and characters continued to bore us to death on FlashForward.
  • A virgin took so much Viagra on his wedding night that he couldn't shed his erection on Private Practice. Seriously.
  • Good news: Meredith returned to work on Grey's Anatomy. Bad news: Izzie came back.
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  • In intentionally funny programming, The Office quotes and employees slayed us. As usual.
  • We didn't follow everything that took place on Fringe, but that's often the case on this great, mysterious drama.
  • Alec Baldwin was up to his usual, ridiculous, hilarious tricks on 30 Rock; but Abed and his Community quotes may soon rival Jack Donaghy's dead-pan deliveries.