Sarah Palin: The Future of Politics or an Ordinary D-Lister?

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Sarah Palin entered the national political spotlight in August 2008 when she became Sen. John McCain's V.P. choice. They lost. Less than a year later, she resigned as the Governor of Alaska and became ... a D-list celebrity?

She has no job and no declared goals, but she sure keeps people interested, shilling for her memoir and firing off bizarre statements on just about everything.

Naturally, this rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

Earlier today, E! Online called her "an ordinary D-lister with a huge mouth, one that knows how to make people look, and keep looking, regardless of substance."

That's pretty harsh. You don't have to like Sarah Palin (and there are plenty of reasons not to), but think about it. Why wouldn't she stay in the public eye?

She's wildly popular among a segment of the population, is trying to make money in book sales (no harm in that), and, oh, might run for President in 2012.

U Betcha!

That doesn't make her correct when she calls the current Newsweek cover sexist, but you can't blame her for being ambitious ... whather her ambitions are.

Palin is trying to expand her reach, because many people relate to what is seen as a raw deal Palin received from the McCain team during the 2008 election.

If nothing else, her book tour lets her spin last year's campaign in a better light. And let's face it, lots of people think she'd be a great, honest, folksy leader.

Some think she's obsessed with fame, but it goes both ways. People are obsessed with her. She gets so much press, you'd think she were dating Jon Gosselin.

We can't believe we're saying it, but leave Sarah Palin alone!

Well, you can make fun of her for trading barbs with Levi Johnston, stretching facts in her book, or making verbal gaffes. But don't vilify her for the mere act of trying to broaden her appeal to America and further her career.

Heck, that's what politics are all about!

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