King of Pot: Marijuana Found in Michael Jackson's House; Heroin Not Present

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Marijuana and numerous empty drug bottles were found by police at Michael Jackson's home after he died, according to search warrants unsealed Thursday.

Heroin was not one of the drugs found, despite numerous reports indicating this yesterday evening. There was no "tar heroin" discovered at the star's residence.

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However, two bags of marijuana, a bottle of Temazepam, and empty bottles of the sedatives Lorzaepam and Diazepam were discovered during a search.

Four other empty pill bottles with no labels were also found.

LAPD detectives were concerned that, when Michael Jackson died, he had "received injection of an unknown medication, prior to his death," the warrants say.

Other documents revealed that Jackson's doctor and the focal point of the police investigation, Dr. Conrad Murray, had given him Propofol, an anesthetic.

The mystery of Michael Jackson (1958-2009) continues to unfold.

The search warrants were served on June 29, four days after the singer was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center, where Murray was less than forthcoming.

Dr. Conrad Murray, according to documents, left the hospital "against the objections of the investigating officers" and they were not able to talk to him for days.

He eventually did speak with police, but the timeline of Jackson's death remains very much in dispute given the number of inconsistencies in Murray's story.

The heroin rumor arose from the fact that "family members of the decedent notified Los Angeles County Coroner's Assistant Chief Ed Winter that they had located a quantity of tar heroin in [Jackson's] bedroom on the second floor."

However, upon testing, the substance in question did not turn out to be heroin of any kind. The other items listed above are confirmed to have been there.


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