Michael Jackson: Dead Five Hours Before 911 Call?

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Exhaustive investigative reporting has revealed more sketchy details related to Michael Jackson's personal physician and the timeline of the pop icon's death.

An uncle of the two sisters who worked at Dr. Conrad Murray's practice in Houston says that the day Michael Jackson died, one woman got a call from either Dr. Murray or someone who worked for him to go and pick up boxes at his storage facility.

She got the call five hours before Dr. Murray called 911, calling into question why there is a huge gap between the time of death and when it was reported.

Joseph Middleton recalls that on the morning of June 25, one of his nieces, LaQuisha Middleton, had just arrived at Conrad Murray's medical practice, where she worked, when she received a call to go to the storage facility.

The motivation behind this call and what exactly was removed are several factors holding up the ongoing police investigation into Dr. Murray and others.

LaQuanda and LaQuisha

Dr. Conrad Murray's staff's conduct on June 25 raises more questions.

He does not know who called LaQuisha, but based on conversations with her, he says the call came either from Murray or someone who works for Dr. Murray.

He says she went with another woman, but not LaQuanda Price, LaQuisha's sister.

The manager of the storage facility says two women, whom she believed to be Laquisha and LaQuanda, arrived at 9:22 a.m. CST and picked up 3-5 boxes.

That is 7:22 a.m. PST time, or about five hours before the 911 call.

It took multiple bottles of the powerful anesthesia Propofol to keep Michael Jackson asleep a single night. Law enforcement sources believe the Propofol may have been stored at one or more locations under Murray's control and shipped to L.A.

Law enforcement thinks Dr. Murray left Jackson unattended after giving him Propofol, maybe even falling asleep himself, and returned to a lifeless Jackson. Police believe Murray may have spent time "cleaning up" the situation before calling 911.

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