Shauna Sand Alleges Romain Chavent Beatdown ... Again!

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If you were just thinking that we ran this exact story a month ago, you were right! If you were wondering who the hell these people are, that works too!

Romain Chavent - Playboy dinosaur Shauna Sand's almost ex husband - has just been arrested for allegedly assaulting his on-again, off-again wife.

According to TMZ, Romain was busted Monday morning after an argument with Shauna Sand allegedly got physical. When L.A. law enforcement officials arrived, Sand had bite marks on her body and claimed Romain had pushed her around.

The one-time stepmom of Shayne Lamas is reportedly doing okay. Chavent was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge and held on $50,000 bail.

Romain Chavent and Shauna Sand are married for some reason.

Shauna says this is a pattern, as Romain choked, punched and threw her across the room, injuring her fake boobs - in front of her kids no less - back in December.

Throw in a death threat and you've got the full Chris Brown treatment.

To ogle more of Shauna Sand, if you're into her, or for all the photographic evidence you will ever need to dissaude you from getting plastic surgery, click below:

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