Audrina Patridge Excited For New Reality Show

Audrina Patridge Excited For New Reality Show

She was in full effect on last night's episode of The Hills (which we will recap for you shortly), but what's up with Audrina Partridge and her new show?

Asked that very question at the Paley Fest event for The Hills last week, Audzo said "I get so many emails and questions [from fans who] want to know about pictures that they see of me out, and [they ask] 'Why didn't you film that?'"

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Alex Young: Kate Walsh Hiding Financial Info

Alex Young: Kate Walsh Hiding Financial Info

Kate Walsh's estranged husband, Alex Young, has filed a lawsuit accusing the company that managed both his and the Private Practice actress' finances of "unlawful and unethical conduct" by refusing to hand over documents.

Alex Young, who filed for divorce December 9 after 14 months of marriage, has requested information pertaining to the couple's house and other assets.

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Casey Aldridge Recovering, Moved Out of ICU

Doctors at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Miss., planned to move Casey Aldridge out of the intensive care unit as early as last night.

"They said it was borderline whether [Casey] needed surgery or not," says a hospital source, "but they've taken some scans and see no further damage."

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Octomom Gets New Ink, Has No Clue What Twitter is

Octomom Gets New Ink, Has No Clue What Twitter is

In case she wasn't aware of how many kids she has - it can be daunting to count that high - Nadya Suleman got a permanent reminder of her family last weekend.

Suleman, who already has seven tramp stamps, got her first in 16 years at Kustom Kulture in Hollywood - an angel with 14 stars and an infinity symbol.

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Megan McAllister Stands By Philip Markoff

Even as the evidence mounts, her resolve is unwavering: Megan McAllister remains committed to her fiance Philip Markoff, the alleged Craigslist Killer.

"To me and my family, he is a loving and caring person and in the eyes of the law and the constitution, Philip is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt," Megan McAllister said in a statement yesterday.

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