Meet the Previous Mrs. Jason Mesnick!

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This season on The Bachelor, a single dad is in the spotlight for the first time and fans have been brimming with anticipation to see if Mr. Nice Guy Jason Mesnick will have a happy ending, since he has been burned twice in love.

We all know what happened with DeAnna Pappas.

The first woman in Jason Mesnick’s life remains a mystery, though - even with the image of Jason with four-year-old Ty is so ubiquitous this season.

Well, it appears as if Hilary Madison Wynn, once known as Hilary Buckholz-Monrean, and at one point Hilary Mesnick, is a model who lives in Seattle.

Like they couldn't have found time on last night's useless recap episode of The Bachelor to talk about this - which may actually be of interest to fans!

Here's a photo of Hilary ...

Hilary Mesnick

This is Ty's mother!

In her Model Mayhem bio page, the former Mrs. Jason Mesnick writes, “I am looking forward to meeting more people involved in the fashion culture.”

“I have done some runway modeling, shot a music video, a couple photo shoots and am currently in school to become a fashion designer. I have a passion for all aspects of this industry and cannot wait to see what opportunities lie ahead!”

Follow the link to peep the music video, for the song entitled "Happy" by a Seattle rock band called Out From Underneath, and which ironically features Hilary Madison Wynn taking off a wedding ring and hurling it at her lover.

It lands on a bed of rose petals, natch. Will you accept this rose? Hell no!

Now that Hilary's out of the picture, who will be the next Mrs. Mesnick?


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All I am missing, really, is someone to share [my life] with. There's no guarantee but 25 girls? I mean it's a real opportunity to find just one.

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I haven't dated at all since DeAnna. I wanted to give myself the time to heal so that when I got out there again I was really ready to give whoever I am with the respect and total attention she deserves.

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