Jayde Nicole: Playboy Playmate, Model ... Author

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Wanna look like Jayde Nicole naked?

Good luck with that.

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But she'll help you stay in better shape with the new book she's writing about fitness and body image! Seriously!

Playboy’s Playmate of the Year has had a whirlwind 2008 - in more ways than one. Not only is she first Canadian to win that honor in 26 years, Jayde has been thrust into the Hollywood lifestyle of modeling and public appearances.

And dating Brody Jenner!

“It’s been a great year so far. You have no idea the life you will have [as Playmate of the Year] until you are actually living it,” Jayde told Scandalist.

That life includes international travel and rubbing elbows with Hollywood stars, but Jayde Nicole keeps her focus on the future after Playboy.

“First and foremost I am a model,” she says.

However, Jayde Nicole is also pursuing a career as an author, writing a new book about health, beauty, and fitness after she was flooded with emails from young girls asking how she kept herself looking so hot.

Jayde’s book will include sneaky tips for keeping your abs in tip top shape, such as this particular trick she shared:

“Whenever I am driving you can sit your butt forward on the seat and without leaning all the way back, you engage your abs to hold up your body. The pressure from turning and braking keeps your abs in the best shape. After a while, you won’t even know you’re doing it!”

Jayde and her sleek abs have seen plenty of the world lately, thanks in part to the spontaneity of her reality star boyfriend, Brody Jenner.

“As soon as he heard I had never been to Hawaii, he booked a trip for four days later!” she says. From Hawaii to Miami and more, Jayde and Brody keep their romance hot, although many were suspicious of the couple at first.

“No one thought we would last,” Jayde said. But now, she says, “We spend almost every single day together,” by visiting each other even when they are apart.

“He is one of the most down to earth people. He is not afraid to make fun of himself and is not concerned about press. He doesn’t worry about anything, he’s just relaxed!”

Brody Jenner even keeps his cool when awkward situations come up, such as a recent trip to Miami when Jayde and Brody unexpectedly ran into Brody’s stepsister Kim Kardashian on the same flight - before they had been formally introduced.

Several passengers on the plane were reading celebrity gossip tabloids; and one of them, Star magazine, had photos of Jayde and Brody making out in Hawaii.

“Those were not the first pictures I wanted them to see!” Jayde said.

Still, Jayde says the flight was smooth sailing and the whole group enjoyed a great trip in Miami.

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