DeAnna Pappas Loves Love, Lindsay Lohan Loves Chuck Bass and More!

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Feelings of love and affection permeated the entertainment world this week. Here's a look at which star loves which Gossip Girl character, which adores the concept of marriage and more.

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DeAnna Pappas: From my early childhood, I loved the idea of falling in love, getting to wear a beautiful white gown and wearing a sparkling ring.

Lindsay Lohan: I love Chuck Bass. I want to be his friend.

Tila Tequila: I just go with my feelings. If one day you are into someone and the next day, you meet someone else that you are into, just go with what your heart wants. There is no rules. I follow my heart.

Kim Kardashian: I want to be pregnant by the time I'm 30, hopefully.

Zac Efron: I love being a part of High School Musical, I wish I could do it forever but everyone's got to grow up.

Barack Obama: I think I'm a pretty cool dad.