We Hate Lee Kirk!

Okay, we don't even know Lee Kirk.

But with Jenna Fischer having identified the writer as her new "super cute boyfriend," we can safely say that we hope Kirk's pen explodes. So there!

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David Kernell: Somewhat Normal-Looking Sarah Palin Hacker

This is a little disappointing. Not that he got caught - that he looks like a normal kid. We were expecting more along the lines of The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy.

Instead, University of Tennessee student David Kernell, 20, is the apparently the genius who "hacked" (i.e. guessed the password and/or the answers to the security questions) Sarah Palin's Yahoo! email account. See photo below.

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Ciara: Nude in Vibe, Denying Nakedness

R&B star Ciara would like to set the record straight about the photo spread she shot for the October issue of Vibe magazine: She was not nude.

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's fairly obvious that she is. See below.

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Lynne Spears Hates Bristol Palin

Lynne Spears Hates Bristol Palin

No, not personally - but Lynne Spears is miffed that people vilified pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, then praised the knocked up Bristol Palin.

This wasn't just the hypocritical reaction of idiots like Bill O'Reilly, either. Most of the general public had a "totally different reaction" to the teen pregnancies of Jamie Lynn and Bristol, Lynne said in an interview with Newsweek.

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