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Few things match a good “o-face” on the unintentional comedy scale.

Popularized in the 1999 film Office Space, this is the face supposedly made when one is engaged in, and presumably enjoying, the act of copulating.

Demonstration below, by actor Greg Pitts:

What we’ve noticed in recent months is that many celebrities make similar expressions when they most likely aren’t intending to … or are they?

Case in point? Shayne Lamas on The Bachelor last night…

The incredible Shayne Lamas, 22, was extremely excited to be sitting on Matt Grant’s face have won the final rose on The Bachelor finale Monday night.

Fear not, Shayne. Lamas is hardly the only o-facing celeb we’ve seen.

Was Apolo Anton Ohno hamming it up for the cameras, or unable to handle Julianne Hough without a new pair of pants? Is Avril Lavigne pounding out a guitar solo, or riding Deryck Whibley? is Hillary Clinton excited about a recent political victory, or something Bill did under the table? You decide – click to enlarge!