Dustin Diamond Knows Better

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Since graduating from Saved by the Bell, Mario Lopez has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and dated Karina Smirnoff. Not a bad resume.

But it's peanuts compared to the life of Dustin Diamond since he hung up his suspenders as the character of Screech. To review:

  • He fought washed up actor Ron Palillo on the reality competition Celebrity Boxing.
  • He went into foreclosure.
  • He conspired with late adult film peddler David Hans Schmidt to produce and release a sex tape that showcased Diamond in a hot tub with multiple women who proceeded to commit acts that would make Jenna Jameson blush.
  • He became a pitchman for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

Wait... what? Yes, that last fact is true. Check out the video proof of it now:


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Dustin Diamond Sex Tape
Dustin Diamond is a dirty, dirty son of a bitch. Seriously, he gave two chicks the dirty sanchez on tape. On tape! If you don't know what... More »
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