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It’s been a rough ride for Amy Winehouse over the past year.

According to The Hollywood Gossip oddsmakers, she recently took the lead over Britney Spears in the Celebrity Most Likely to Die Before 2010 pool.

But according to her brother, Alex Winehouse, she’s on the way back up – which is a relief, as her fans want to enjoy her talent for decades to come.

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Alex Winehouse cited the Back to Black singer’s multiple Grammy wins for the turn in her life. The whole family is relieved at her apparent recovery, given the fact that only weeks earlier, she was possibly smoking crack.

Amy Winehouse is supposedly doing much better in rehab.

“It was hard to take in that the barely communicative shell in front of us was my own flesh and blood,” Alex said of Amy Winehouse. “I should mention here that we all knew how bad her condition was. There was never any denial on the part of my parents, whose fears and anxiety over their daughter made them ill.”

But, he says, the “You Know I’m No Good” singer has reportedly turned over a new leaf. “Yes, the very best of weekends. Spurs continue their resurgence, but most importantly of all very definite signs that Amy – the real Amy – is back among us. The hope, of course, is that this time it’s for real.”

We’re sure Blake Wood is happy for Amy as well.