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Looks like Mel Gibson may have some company.

Upon being fired from the TLC show Miami Ink last year, tattoo artist Kat Von D allegedly signed a photograph addressed to her former boss / co-star, Ami James, and drew a swastika and a flaming Star of David on it…

As much as a lot of people wanna see Kat Von D nude, if she wrote this, that’s messed up. We thought she was edgy, but laid back and cool! WTF, Kat!?

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No one witnessed Kat Von D write the message, but Chris Garver, another tattoo artist on Miami Ink, said Kat personally handed him the anti-Semitic photo – which TMZ obtained and posted on its website earlier this afternoon.

Ami James, a native of Israel who served in the Israeli Special Forces prior to starting his career as a tattoo artist, reportedly went to TLC management when he received the photo, but sources say he was rebuffed.

After Ami had a lawyer intervene, a handwriting analyst concluded “there is a 99 percent probability that Kat Von D” wrote the message.”

In early July 2007, Ami’s lawyer went to TLC with the analysis. They simply sent him a letter back that acknowledged receiving the results and said, “We trust that this information will be kept strictly confidential.”

Kat Von D’s spinoff show, LA Ink, premiered a month later.


When contacted about the photo, Ami James told the celebrity news site that he wasn’t as offended by the photo as he was by the indifference toward it.

“What is more devastating to me, and much more shameful is when people ignore something like this for the sake of the money or self-interest,” said James, 35. “To me that is the real ‘punch in the gut.'”

TLC issued the following statement

“A publicity photo was brought to the network’s attention eight months ago that contained extraordinarily offensive language. A full investigation was immediately conducted to determine whether anyone associated with the network was involved. Kat vehemently denied authoring the text and after completing the investigation, it was determined that insufficient evidence existed to conclude that she had. Therefore, no disciplinary action was taken. The network always takes these matters seriously and follows what we believe to be an appropriate course of action as dictated by the circumstances and available information.”

Kat Von D’s publicist issued the following statement:

“The recent accusation of a publicity photo of me with offensive and anti-semitic comments and graphics allegedly written by me is completely false and unfounded, and clearly a forgery. This was already proven many months ago to be 100 percent untrue. I always have been, and will continue to be an advocate for tolerance of all races, religions and ways of life.”