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Denying recent reports, Alli Sims, Britney Spears’ possible cousin and former assistant, says her reality show (!?) has not been canned and her trip to New York over the weekend – which saw an insane Britney Spears hospitalized in L.A. – was not an affront to her relationship with the alleged singer.

“While Britney was being hospitalized in L.A., Alli Sims, her supposed best friend, was self-promoting in N.Y.C.,” an “insider” told Life & Style.

Alli Sims says these claims are ridiculous.

“These claims are ridiculous,” Sims told Us Weekly.

“I had plans for a girls weekend, and my friends had already flown to town to meet up with me. Yes, I continued with my plans that included going to dinner and a club. How was I to predict what would happen when I was gone?”

Alli Sims (pictured above with Brit) continued: “As far as having a falling out with anyone, that is simply not true. I love Britney Spears, and care way more about her well-being than any of these strangers making these claims.

Sims’ proposed reality TV show has not been scrapped, as the report claimed, because it’s still in the discussion stage. Sims asks, “How can it be pulled when it was never beyond discussion and experimental stages?”

On Friday, it was falsely (and humorously) reported that Alli Sims was not only with her cousin, but had broken down a door to reach Britney and stop her from hurting Jayden James before the singer was taken to Cedars-Sinai.

“Even if I was there I would not have banged down the door with a hammer, that’s not my style,” she said. “I would have knocked.”