The Backstreet Boys: No Hard Feelings, Just Bad Music

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The Spice Girls will be touring again.

The Backstreet Boys are back.

What's next, Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler date again?

For those of us that never dreamed The Backstreet Boys would reunite, you just never know. But these fellas are making one thing clear:

They're okay with the fact that Kevin Richardson told them during a conference call last year that he was sitting out their sixth album, hitting stores October 30. Nick Carter says there was "kind of a shock at first," but:

"Everyone understood. There were no hard feelings and that's just the way it needs to be. We've been through a lot in 14 years together, and there's no need to get angry or overly emotional."

As People magazine reports, the group â€" Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and AJ McClean â€" still talk to Richardson, whose wife Kristin gave birth to son Mason in July.

Dorough sais: "I just saw Kevin a couple days ago. He's got a glow that is unbelievable, and I'm happy for him. And he's happy for us as well â€" he's not bitter. He's totally like, 'I want you guys to do your thing and not have weirdness.'"

It's a good thing they weren't hanging out with Matt Encinias during a recent night in that case. Talk about weirdness!

The Backstreet Boys are back! The Backstreet Boys are back!

The as-yet untitled new album features the usual Backstreet Boys fare that fans expect, says Carter: "Dance tracks, poppy rock songs, really beautiful ballads and R&B vocals. We're being what we are and have been for years. There are no catches. We just want to cater to the fans."

With that in mind, Carter also shed 40 pounds, as he tries to stay even with young hunks such as Zac Efron in the hearts of said fans.

Carter says he put the weight on because he was depressed. "With my show The House of Carters, it was a shock to me to realize what my family had gone through. After so many years of dysfunction and my parents finally getting divorced and everybody being lost and me being the oldest, there was a lot of stress, a lot of pressure."

Fortunately, Nick didn't let brother Aaron Carter ruin his image too much. The newly thin singer just can't wait to bag his first groupie now when the band goes on tour again.


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