New Katie Rees Photo Surfaces

We have two questions:

By now, everyone is aware that Katie Rees was stripped of her crown as Miss Nevada for stripping off her clothes at Fletcher's Backstreet Grill in Tampa a few years ago.

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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Rumors Make the Rounds

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Rumors Make the Rounds

There may be less validity behind this than the Britney Spears sex tape rumors, but follow along with us ...

Over at The BV Buzz, Jawn Murray hints that Kim Kardashian might be in a soon to be released sex tape with Brandy's little brother, Ray-J: Sources say a certain R&B singer ... is peddling an X-rated home video to adult entertainment companies in hopes that it will do for his career what it has done for Paris Hilton's ... said singer believes that releasing the video will serve as revenge to his ex-girlfriend who recently dumped him for another entertainer.

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Tara Conner: Inside the Rehab

For someone used to late-night partying and hot-girl kissing, Tara Conner has had to adjust to life in rehab.

The beauty queen train wreck is being foreced to abide by the same rules at the Caron Foundation rehab center in Pennsylvania as all other, non-attractive residents.

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