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Some of Youtube's most dramatic animals set to "Mind Heist" by Zack Hemsey from the movie Inception.

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Anyhow i said wow when i heard about the whole rihana situation and i said wow cause kat stacks was on sperm charges from gucci and i said it was dead wrong anyhow i felt for the hitn part was wrong but do u go around ho in because of no i dnt kw but i live a regular life from the les of ny where uz as people talk resolve stay together like family and handle stiuations maturly anyhow im imani you ask me well i live a reg life and i like to keep my house clean so :O :)!!anyhow to that its childish Im DR so)!


Yez hey its imani and im here to say well uh when it comes to an intelganet convo what does kat staka and rihana has to say well i said jenny i dnt live hollywood lifes and eat tofu but oh well im dominican and live a reg life my whole life i babysitted n did household duties since 9yearsold in punta canta dr but when i came to the united states i said that bein dominican born es me anyhow cotazon que fuey yo habla ingles muy biene asi so ei iye que fuey yo no si :) hhaha oh well what laughs anyways im me)!


Wow when i heard about the kat stack and rihaana well i feel az though its wrong i mean uh if her mean her man was their for her 22kt chocale diamonds and cooji outfits n all unlike me wow im nt from barbados neither a Alien From Venezuella and or Im Dominican Black and Indian so iwas like huh?? :) anyways well when i told my man game about what happened i told him but i said they are trashy and rihana needs to show stacks how too. walkin wit conways bras though :) seriusly wow!!! anyways well im normal so!


Hey jenny how are u yeh so the situation wit rihanna and kat ya stackem wow :) anyhow i took a look and said wow it was mad childish and trashy:) anyhow when i heard i mean i aint no islander or from venezuel or barbados im dominican so :) laughs it was like uh :O anyways im imani who lives a reglife who wants and when i told my man game about it i said wow well im dominican and iz from the LES NY so :) i was like okay now but anyways i feel az though i luv myself :O im a nonsmoker n dnt drink so :) !


Hi my name is imani aka quadasha and im here to say yez hi jenny anyways :)laughs. when i heard about rihana n cris i said wow and when i heard about katstacks n gucci i said wow it means and meant alot to me hearin so much i feelaz though that they picked immature az chicks to mess wit and exspceially stacks who aint got no place of her own who relys on men for god kws what and she has a son @home :) lol anyhow well i live a reg life so i dnt kw what to say about that im too mature for em chicks:)!anyways!


hey anyhow when i heard about katstacks and rihanna video i said oh wow first i wasnt enthused about it anyhow i feel az though by rihanna making videos like shontelle who has a secret son by jay z iz wrong and a neglect to kids suc az kat stacks that seem to be so ... an when i heard about the gucci video i said wow i dnt smoke or drink so i dnt kw about a situation wit people i mean im dominican and i was raised in a house in da les to persice and classy anyhow wit em laughs its retarded its riri nt me:)!

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