Like Us On Facebook has posted this video in response to charges that he attacked Perez Hilton. This is his side of the story.

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I wasn't there, but wasn't there a video posted on the incident there were no reaction from the crowd of someone being hit. Heard loud and clear Perez calling someone a Fagot and heard loud and clear that someone was amazed that Perez was in the house. What makes me laugh is regardless of how famous a person is, people still need the attention.. Perez is another Paris how the fuck they became famous and why are they so damn important.
I am dyeing even knowing how Mcknight couldn't be called a fagot but you got Perez who is gay can call someone a Fagot...


you are freaken lying!!!!!! your such a coward!!! you and your little friend!!!!Shame on you!!!


The problem with this situation is that we will never know the truth. When your dealing with this kind of celebrity status on both these individuals the only ones who know the real truth are them. All I can say is I just found out who Perez Hilton was last night and when I found out what he did for a living I was not to impressed. Physical violence is never the answer as he stated his his video however, neither is verbal abuse. Whatever happened last night is now done and over with but, maybe we can all learn from that fact that words do hurt and affect people......with so much bad out there already why create a life long career criticising people. All I have to say is Pay it forward,,what goes around comes around.


Honestly, I believe that there are some people that you can reason with and then there are others like Perez Hilton who feel that he has to be so out there in order to be important, and yes attention starved, that he cannot be spoken to in an adult fashion. He has to Tweet his thoughts because actually talking about the situation is too scary. He said on his own blog that he was not going to let someone put him down or disrespect him in any way and yet he always finds some way to do it to others except in a public arena in order to make himself feel bigger or better. I think he needs to stop and realize that if he didn't want to be disrespected he should have just approached you, face to face and talked about the situation that arose instead of "Tweeting". That's my thoughts on the matter and I think you handled this situation the best you knew how and as a fan thank you for your post. ~Tweet


It doesn't matter WHAT perez said, Violence is never the answer!
And no my friends won't be pissed because none of my friends like BEP that much to consider them a great band. Boom boom pow is annoying, makes me cring... Oh no will I am might come after me. Bahahah and Twitter isn't asking for publicity it was meant to be a website where you share what you're doing and perez was getting beat up by some bully named polo. Perez was speaking out! Te perez xoxo


he had already tried calling the police so he twittered for other people to try. It was also a way for him to document what was happening ... publically... Go PEREZ! He did not deserve to be beat up by your fucking manager! COWARDDDDDDD You tried to intimidate him and he stood up for him self shame on you will i am!


TEAM WILL.I.AM!!! Anybody who thinks they can write and talk shit about everybody and not get any consequences for it is a fool! Perez Hilton is a disrespectful motherfucker and hopefully there's more punches or beat ups that he's gonna take! You don't destroy people's lives with your lies and expect to not get hit... It's one thing when it's just a rumor but most rumors Perez spreads anyway are bullshit and can wreck people's lives (e.g. Lauren Conrad's 'sex tape' per Spencer Pratt's douchebag ass) I'm shocked that he's getting hit now when he should've been hit a looooooonnnggggg time ago!! Thanks for putting that mofo in his place! ulgh... yuck!


not a big fan of Perez hilton but WAS a huge fan of the Peas and Will n FErgie... im sooo over you guys now.. your nuthin but a bunch of bullies... so what fergies single sucked?? it DID SUCK.. how u gonna be all but hurt bout it??? n Will i am.. SHAME ONE YOU.. FOR BEING A EFFIN BULLY... your just trash now.... you get no love.... im done with will iam.. FErgi... and the BEPsssss...


Jus Shut Da Fuk Up


Hey, Perez got what was coming to him whether it was from some random guy or BEP's rep. For the people telling the band to "grow up", you guys better check yourselves before you wreck yourselves.

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