Will Smith raps "Summertime" on the Late Show May 20, 2013.

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To quote Will from this song: "If ain't broke then don't try to fix it!" LOL! I love this song! As many hits as Will put out there,I believe this was the smoothest groovin' song he ever did! I can listen to it over-and-over again...Way to surprise everyone Mr. Smith! It's nice to not only hear the tune again,but see you perform it! Go Will! LOL! Later all; Hollywood---out...


please be a role model and so act mature for your kids please?

@ abe

You're joking right? If it wasnt for Fresh Prince of Belair, Will Smith would not be who he is today. It's "HIS" music. He came out walking to it, he didn't ask for it to be played. He's a very good role model who is having a little fun. Get that stick out your ass so you can stop being so serious.

@ abe

Can't a guy have alittle bit of fun? Jeez!!!

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