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A husband records his wife throwing an epic tantrum that has since gone viral for obvious reasons.

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White girls being a dumb bitch just for not getting what they want haha sorry you didn't get your way bitch


God, can you imagine either a) being that hysterical over something as trivial as a day's outing or b) being married to aforementioned hysterical person?????


She admits to having an it...they don't put one on your car for a first offense. Good Christian girl I think not...wild party animal. Non-the-less he should have known what he was getting into. He wanted a divorce and this is good evidence as to why he would want it.


I think they both need a swift kick!!! Her for throwing a tantrum over something this stupid, and him for videotaping his wife without her knowing it. Why did these people get married if they were going to behave this way? They both need to move back in with mommy and daddy and go sleepy-bye in their cribs! F**king grown ass children!!!


Wow!!..that guy is a real piece of work!!..He obviously knew this girl was about to snap and he actually put forth a plan and effort to push her over the edge. And he filmed it?? Wtf, and men say that women love drama?! This man invited the entire world into his marriage..I mean really, did he need the whole population of FB to back him up? He is a loser..


If you sympathize with that grown woman acting like that over a boat trip, then might as well put yourself on the same boat she's been on (hell no). Her behavior shows she's not a victim of abuse, it shows she's a product of being spoiled rotten.


this bitch, i would slap her. im sorry but if you think he is in the wrong he isnt. i mean look at her! shes a grown ass women throwing a temper tantrum like a 5 year old.


That guy is an arsehole. The truth is, he is manipulative and controlling and the reason she is crying is because she has found herself in a very unhappy relationship and the emotional stress of it is taking her balance. I feel sorry for her that she married a bastard, but at least the world can see that she has done the right thing by leaving him

@ Haley

Lol. That broad is NUTS. Plus, she has an interlock so she clearly enjoys her liquor. I am really glad for HIM that they are getting divorced.


I would like to see if she was secretly filming him he probably treats her like crap why else would she file for divorce? She obviously is severely frustrated with him because he is most likely putting himself first! Now its posted online her meltdown but nobody has a meltdown for no reason.


He knew he was taping her and so of course he acted all cool and calm. What's he like when he's not taping it? She was obviously having some kind of mental breakdown asking him PLEASE and he's chuckling. Is her behaviour ok? No, but he's being a dick.

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