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Why did Tracy Morgan apologize for anti-gay comments? Whoopi Goldberg has no idea. She thinks the comedian was just doing his job.


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Whoopi Goldberg: "I'm Playing The Damn [Race] Card Now". Apr 27, 2011 . Whoopi Goldberg is a gneuis, but not a gneuis-gneuis. . All the lefty blogs are calling Trump racist. . Ace, mining tons of comedy gold - great work btw. . This doesn't look like a coca-cola commercial ! ' ..Westside Summer Regional Opportunities Fair Tomorrow Bosse Glides .... Gold Likely To. Defeat Krasne. (see 'CANDIDATES,' page 30). BIG DADDY AND HIS THREE CABALLEROS97At . Density General Commercial. In addition to the proposed changes in land . were invited with a phone call. Real women and models of all . ditional songs and a new cast member97Whoopie Goldberg, the poodle. ..What Scholastic Sells in its "Book" - Campaign for a Commercial .... The Golden Compass Lyra's World Pack (w/ collectible pendant). Nick Zone (w/ joke and trivia . TXT Tricks (w/ cell phone stand, cell phone stickers) . Kit (w/ mini whoopie cushion, four-card trick, rubber tip pencil, hand buzzer) ..

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