Whitney Houston in Concert

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Whitney Houston performed recently in Australia. If you can call this a "performance," that is. What a sham. What an embarrassment.

No matter what is said about Whitney she was gifted with one of the best if not the best voices of all time. I prefer to remember her beauty love of life and that she is an "Angel " with the Lord awaiting to hold her daughter in her wings of love. They both will be at peace as there is nothing more than holding your baby girl entering the next phase of heaven. May they fly in spirit together again. I believe they could not be separated and Whitney has been waiting in the Wings.


sounds to me like she had a respiratory infection and ya know what...famous people get them too....lighten up...miss her sweet sweet voice... :)


At the sieggstuon of a reader who was having the same issues I was with the he audio, he suggested that I set the center channel output on my Oppo 83SE's multichannel analog out to small. In doing so, the bass on the PCM 5.1 track improved as did the performance of the vocals. However, I still can't say that I am satisfied with the audio on this disc as I still find it to be lacking in the bass area and overall slam that you would expect for a live performance. Therefore, in the interests of being thorough, I thought I would post this result. Now, I would rate the audio as a 3.5 out of 5, not all that good but another step up from the 2 stars given with the center channel set to large. I don't know why this was the case as I had had no similar issues before with any other disc, whether it be DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-ray. AT least now, the vocals and bass match the quality of the PCM stereo track.


Hi His whitney still on D HOPE NOT IF SO close the doors and get her to a rehab center asap. She still has talent, but she needs help

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