Westboro Baptist Church OWNED at Santa Monica High School

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Westboro Baptist Church gets OWNED at its own protest at Santa Monica High School. Pretty amazing.
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Ppl are ready to agree on gay marriage knowing its against God's law which many r ready to go against God. Yet when sum thing tragic happens in their life they r eagerly ready to blame God. Why look to God then? But ppl need to learn God cannot be mocked. We r all God's creation but not all r his children...meaning sum try go follow him while others mock him. So dont expect for ur prayers to be answered, cuz ppl don't take time to thank God for their jobs, children families r not sick. Most important God gives us 6 days to work & the 7th day is to visit him in his church.


Those nasty people give kansas a bad name. I love this video though!

@ Leon

well done


I love this. An amazing display.


I love this!! PWNED!!!!!

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