Wendy's Customer Flips Out Over Hamburger

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This Wendy's customer wants NO cheese on his hamburger. REALLY badly. Watch in disgust now.
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wow, who does this guy thinks he is going off on people like that over a cheese/hamburger. does he own the place? no....there are plenty of other places to get a hamburger if it makes him that upset. maybe he should stay home and make his own hamburger.


Having worked at Wendy's for 7 years.... his reaction is mild compared to some other customers.

@ Ez

Ez...check this out...back in mid-February of this year, a friend of mine (who had worked at Wendy's for over 3 years) FINALLY had enough and quit. (1) My friend had confided in me (on more than one occasion) that working with MOST of the other Wendy's employees was like putting up with a bunch of overgrown 10-year-olds and (2) she (my friend) got tired of constantly dealing with RUDE-ASS customers. I sum all of this up in 2 words...DRAMA DRAMA!!!!!


i would shove that cheese burger and stick it straight up his monkey ass!!

@ Anson

no you wouldn't anson, you would screw that order up to.

@ Anson

I bet you would Anson. I bet you would.....

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