Mormon Parents Push LDS to Shift Anti-Gay Stance

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Wendy and Tom Montgomery, devout Mormons, are pushing the church to reconsider its anti-gay stance now that their own teenage son has come out.

being gay is not a sin, that is just who you are. the lds church does say that gay activity is a sin. and that lady has no clue about religions, saying all religious rules are man-made. that is what religions are - people believe in divine revelations etc. but that family is awesome - they love their kid and that is what matters.


This is very, very stupid. This will make all other Christians look bad. You can't take bits and pieces of a religion and decide to apply it to your life as you please. You live by the whole bible, or none of it. This is not the Godly thing to do. Mormon's are often associated with Christians, When it shouldn't be so. They base their religion off the Book Of Mormon, So yes, In the book of Mormon it doesn't have anything saying that being Gay is a sin. But people apply it. You shouldn't hate anyone who is Gay or be homophobic. But if your beliefs are against it, Why would you try to change for one person that's Gay? I certainly won't say "I hate you and you're wrong for being Gay. It's a sin." but, you also won't be hearing me saying "Being Gay is okay. Live your life and I'll live mine." I will never encourage another person to take place in sinful activity. Typically, When you believe something, And think this is the God of all God's, Why? Why would you expect us to just let you live in what we believe to be a sin? I won't give you my opinion unless you ask for it, I have tons of gay friends and only few have I talked to about my beliefs because they asked me first. The church can change whatever they want but it will ALWAYS remain in print, in every version of the bible.


The lady that was talking looked an awful lot like Kourtney Kardashian. But I think it's great that that young mans parents are sticking by him. Some of these so called churches need to be ashamed of themselves for being so rigid in thier beliefs. Sad.

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