Walmart Employee Knocks Out Manager

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Watch this viral, heated confrontation in which a Walmart employee knocks out a manager.
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lmao i couldnt hear the convo but fro what i heard there was an altercation or something the night before so they guy wad telling the manager to play back the tapes from that night but the manager refused to believe that the employe was telling the truth about him getting hit so he called the manager a racist and said he acts a certain way to black employees and the manger was like he doesnt care the boy just trying to shake him up and its not working then well he got knocked the fuck out lmaaaaaaa


Am I going to say it was okay for him to hit the man, no. But at the same time its not cool for you to go around thinking its you can call a grown man a liar, especially a vet. Like the commentators and I use the term loosley were saying; at this point you know you're fired. He should have just left. But this should go out to all the managers in the work place, the title does not make you you untouchable. He hit that man HARD, I'm surprised no one ran over there and said "you got knocked the f**k out" lmao.

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2:25 Is she wearing a hoodie matching the table cloth?

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