Wade Robson Today Show Interview

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Wade Robson talks with Matt Lauer about his sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson.
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He's exaggerating,lying. His face shows that.
Leave Michael,he is dead,remember? Stop losing yourself,bitch!


who do u actually believe., a dead person , or a person who had a chance to change the world under 0ath @ one time and then lied., im speech-less and @ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I think he may be telling the truth. I think @Pam is very astute in her observations.


He would be more believable if money was not the issue.

@ Pam

I don't think money is the issue. Wade REFUSED to testify at MJ's criminal trial, likely because of the stigma and the fact that hes a man. So many ppl would (wrongly) say he was gay. There are millions of abuse victim who don't come forward until their abuser is dead and some who never do at all; suffering in silence for fear of shame. In 2005 -6 Wade Robson was MUCH more in the public eye, with his TV shows and as apop icon status in his own right, dealing with rumors that Britney Spears cheated on Justin Timberlake with him etvc. He probably feared coming out against Jackson would hurt him in the music industry (which if we're honest it would have). He's more established in his own right now, not just as "MJ's prodigy" but as a damn fine, succesful, Emmy winning choreographer. Victims don't tell until THEY are ready and have dealt with the emotional damage that they will have to live with and when they know they can handle the world knowing they are a "victim."


WOW I believe him!! So sad.

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