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Vicki Gunvalson feels remorse over her divorce. She wishes she could do a lot differently.

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Vicki Gunvalson Talks Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki Gunvalson talks about her love life, family life and what it's like being the original Housewife.

Brooks Ayers on Vicki Gunvalson: I Will Beat Her A$$!

Brooks Ayers, the boyfriend of Vicki Gunvalson, has been caught on a secret audio recording calling her a "f*cking whore" and threatening to "beat her ass."

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No Vicki, you destroyed your family by getting involved with this riduculous show in the first place....


Yicki, like Neigh Neigh Freaks (RHoA) think they own the shows and that Bravo should consult them over newcomers ! YEAH ! As for Yicki, why did she choose a Donn almost lookalike (Crooks) as her next victim ? She a nasty lady !


Who cares? Vicki is an ugly skank.


So, if she says that RHOC ruined her family, why is she still on the latest season of the franchise? You know why, she cannot resist the money. If she could sell her family for a few thousand dollars, she would. She will do anything for money. She has no morals, ethics or Christian values, which she apparently values most of all. And she still looks like Miss Piggy with a facelift or maybe a piglift.


Vicki always acted like a crazy woman high on coke. She didn't' have any concern for anyone else's feelings, haha and now she blames the show for her messed up life. Maybe she should look in the mirror.


Vicki could have quit taping at any time. She owns her own successful business and didn't need the paycheck. Donn was upfront about her lack of work/homelife balance and she didn't pay attention. Take some accountability, Vicki.

@ Guest

Vicki and Tamra are the "mean girls" of the franchise...When Vicki was married to Donn she was jealous of every woman on the show..she wanted what they have a sugar daddy. What she didn't realize is if she just appreciated and nurtured what she had with Donn, she would've been the envy of the rest of the ladies. Now she is the sugar mama and cannot seem to have the security she needs in a relationship. Vicki needs to work on her soul and not her body and face...since these superficial things wont sustain her in long run. Also, she needs to run from Tamra and quickly as possible...Tamra is bad news, and a friend when it's good for her (she lacks loyalty, spirituality, and a grace.) Once Tamra stops playing the victim and the bully, and pay attention to her children...there might be some decency there. peace out!


Vicki is nasty inside and out like a highschool insecure bully. Her Heather and Tamara are discusting paranahs!


Ryan is absolutely violent with his nasty body language and bullying ways. The man a woman chooses as her partner is an immediate reflection upon her. Very telling of Briana and her tolerance of abusive men. Vicki did a bang up job of setting an example for her daughter. They are both idiots and not deserving of their current privileges. Lose Vicki and her whole low life family. Plenty of nice girls waiting for their roles.


Ummmm, Vicky, you are the one who ruined your marriage. We saw how awfully you treated your husband from day 1. Never nice to him. Ignored him. Basically treated him like *hit. Do not blame the show. You did this to yourself. Then, you fall for a low-life like that dude from Mississippi who doesn't have 2 pennies to rub together? Your daughter is correct in her assessment of him. Oh, his name is Brooks.


Vicki.s greediness is the tthing that destroyed her marriage. She showed it from the beginning. She was looking for greener pastures and unfortunately only found the horses s--t/.

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